Sketches from Week 26 (Sep 2 - 8, 2013)

  Prep work for refinishing Baby Gold, my small mantid, continued this week… we also finished the prefabrication work for Symbiosis and are ready to load out on Monday. The shower units are working well and have been dismantled for shipping. We’ll see how they work out once they are subject to heavy use during the build and festival.

The 350 yards of lycra I bought in the garment district required flameproofing certificates so I dropped it off with a Glendale company called “Fabric Flameproofing”. They took care of it in a matter of days… same week service... nice :)

While on my way to LA, I also stopped in at the Luna Café in Summerland for my favorite muffins: Cornbread Raspberry… YUM. I need to make these at home... would have been a great one to introduce to Tara and Billy since they loved the homemade cornbread so much, jeje...