Sketches from Week 27 (Sep 9 - 15, 2013)

Symbiosis! Decided to work on the Wellness Center and Artist Showers first… good warm-up exercise before starting the main stage (Cove). The showers went pretty well, though they took a lot longer than the 2 days I originally wanted to spend on them. The learning curve was pretty steep since we were still figuring out exactly how water would be supplied to the units, how graywater would be handled, and the various details left to figure out on creating the shower frames themselves. Also, health and safety inspections were very strict so we had to be very careful about these details.

Biggest failure was the shower pan itself… first of all, no open water trough system for moving graywater out of the shower was allowed… all had to be closed 2” black ABS pipe. So that was the first edit… then the linseed resin seal around the wood shower pan was compromised, so a new liner had to be created using the white tarp and seam tape that we brought… uggh. So many plumbing parts…

By comparison, both the Wellness Center and the Cove Stage seemed a lot less complicated… everyone was happy to weave a beautiful roundhouse for the Wellness and frame out Cove using just rope , bamboo and binder sticks. No steel... Finally.