Sketches from Week 28 (Sep 16 - 22, 2013)

Festival time! Everything was finished, thankfully… with all hands on deck, we pulled one late night to hang the shade for the Cove stage. Matty, Marty and Battlecat installed water misters throughout the stage; Radiant Atmospheres handled the lighting; Pascal and his crew set up the speakers and flew the tops off the bamboo beams on either side of the stage.

The organizers eventually prohibited people from climbing the bamboo towers we built into the audience area but the entire Bamboo DNA crew got one good climb in on opening night… 15 or 16 monkeys watching the show, perched all over one of the towers :) 

After an all night celebration on Friday, I drove off before dawn on Saturday morning to join my brother and his family for a pancake breakfast at 7 am in the Bay Area. Arianna and Alex immediately grabbed my markers and started drawing sharks, rainbows, the ocean… whatever the colors inspired :) Jen Mark was also there, which was a nice surprise! She’s the (slightly) older sister to Julie, my brother’s wife, and used to build a lot with us back when I first got started with all this event work... She loves climbing... and so do we :)

Speared two big lingcods, a red and a blue, just north of San Pedro rock in Pacifica. It was my first time seeing these fish in the ocean. We barbecued them at X’s house Sunday night and then I left for Santa Barbara immediately afterwards to pick up some Bugaboos at the ranch for the Beyond Wonderland project on Sep 28.