Sketches from Week 29 (Sep 23 - 29, 2013)

Breaking down the Symbiosis site went quickly… the crew already had the Wellness center down by the time I returned on Sep 24 and the Cove was just a 1 day project. Larry of Carmen Transportation was right on time for pickup and everything went on its way to the BDNA ranch. Geronimo, RayRay and Brandon handled that effort while I headed over the Mountain View to set up Boots and Greenstreaks for the Beyond Wonderland festival, right next to Google headquarters.

Ian, the Insomniac art coordinator, also talked to me about redesigning their cell phone charging wagons, which are currently made of loosely arranged plywood and not very stable… lots of room for improvement here. We’re trying to set it up so that at least 100 phones can be charging at a time inside the small kiosk.

Also sent sketches to yet another crew in Santa Barbara for the SOL Food Festival shade structure that I’m sponsoring. We built something very similar for the Fermentation Festival so I think they have this one covered…. Well, they have to, because I won’t be there!

I also visited the kids again and got to see Alex play soccer... damn, he's good! Scored 4 or 5 goals, breaking away each time like a little bottle rocket. That's my nephew :) Arianna also kept trying to join the boys in their game, not happy to stay and play on the sidelines... Heh. Soon enough!