Sketches from Week 30 (Sep 30 - Oct 6, 2013)

Rising Vibes at the Arlington Theater was this week’s event and it looked like everyone had a great time… I certainly did! Rising Appalachia, The Earth Harp and Lucent Dossier all performed at the historic theater and we also heard Jamaica Stevens talk about her Tribal Convergence initiatives. Actually, the entire area of the Arlington complex resembled a mini-Lucidity festival experience. Drummers and dancers, artisans, painters, and even the PyroBar Car was parked out back, spouting flames off its roof J I remember working on this art car 11 years ago for Burning Man… so good to see it in its latest iteration, thanks to Mark Goerner’s intervention.

“Discovered” another great spearfishing spot just up the coast from the ranch… lingcod, calicos, some lobster and lots of the usual surf perch. I like this place because it’s a varied geography below… boulders and kelp and seagrass. The only other people I’ve seen here since are a few fisherman.