Sketches from Week 32 (Oct 14 - 20, 2013)

Two-for-One! My first spearfishing trip ever in Florida and I managed to land both a black grouper and mutton snapper with one spear shot! I didn’t even know this until both Jack (my instructor) and I both surfaced with one fish each… apparently, when I shot the mutton snapper under that large rock, the spearpoint also hit the black grouper next to it… the grouper came up on one side of the rock and Jack grabbed it, while I came up on the opposite side of the rock with the snapper. Wow… A photo of me with the 2 fish is posted on the Oct 14th Facebook page of Fish Monster.

Thanks to Islamorada Dive Center for the great trip.

Now, back in California…

Been working with the BOOM Festival organizers on a Dance Temple design… a massive Sagrada Familia-inspired bamboo structure for the 2014 Boom event in Portugal. If you haven’t seen Antoni Gaudi’s iconic cathedral in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia, is one of the most epic structures you’ll see in your lifetime… and it was designed in the early 1900’s. Worth the trip!

And, finally, the Central Coast Oyster Festival... one of my favorites! Thanks to Jacqueline Delaney and her amazing staff for organizing this most excellent event. We all enjoyed the fresh oysters, the abalone, local beers, wine, port, chocolate and cigars :)