Sketches from Week 33 (Oct 21 - 27, 2013)

Things have quieted down alot this week but I’m still burning up a lot of pages in this sketchbook! Australia is just around the corner and there is waaaay too much to do before departure…

Roman came by to rehabilitate my bandsaw and start milling some of his burlwood. He has some beautiful walnut burls and many others that he brought with him from Wisconsin... if you haven’t seen his pendants or other objects he’s creating, you’re missing out. And I’m not just talking about good crafted objects… he also happens to be a great person to know and work with :)

Valerie V. and Ryan also dropped by to scour the ranch for bamboo, fabric, lighting and everything else they need to create a unique wedding reception space. Their timing was pretty good because she’s the founder of Meet your Makers and Roman the burly artisan happened to be in the process of milling his wood… which also caught Ryan’s interest because he’s a woodworker and contractor. Don’t you love . serendipity? I do! Or maybe I just planned it that way… hah!

I’m still refinishing Baby Gold, the baby mantis… tried a few color ideas, no good, now on to the 3rd/4th versions. I’ll get there this week! Every time I pick up one of her limbs, I see another crack I need to fill… ugh.. but I think she’s going to look splendid in her new hot pink and lavender outfit. And gold, of course…

Francois was here again for a quick BOOM brainstorm. The structure is huge. ‘Nuff said :) 

Karen E. got married this week and not only did I get to see her before she moves to Hawaii, but Briana and Su were in town, too... and a few others from the Natural History Museum of LA which has hosted and commissioned a few Bamboo DNA installations. Anyway, I ended up kidnapping Briana and Julie and we drank a bunch of port & whiskey and crashed on my roof outside... Poof. (Shooting star count: Me: two; Julie: two; Briana: zero. Next time, Bri! Promise you'll catch one...)

I’m headed out to see Craig Calfee next weekend… he built my bamboo bike and we are going to be collaborating on the manufacture of a custom speargun. I’ve already experimented with a bamboo polespear and I use a black bamboo fish stringer in my regular kit, but making a gun is way more complicated. Been watching a lot of videos for the wooden guns and I think I have a plan… taking that underwater hunter course in Florida was extremely helpful because I could try out other equipment and see what the current “best” was. It’s going to be fun! Isn’t that what this is all about???