Sketches from Week 34 (Oct 28 - Nov 3, 2013)

A beautiful sunrise this morning… the weather has been cooling steadily, the ocean water temperature feels more brisk and I’m actually thinking about rain again.

The work on Guner’s house is progressing well… I stopped by just has he was handling a 125 yr old hand-hewn beam. I also did some repairs on the Lexicon of Sustainability poster panels for Heather, who had dropped them off at the ranch last week. Repair work was also done for Baby Gold, my “tiny” praying mantis which was permanently installed in Riverside in 2011. Unfortunately, she was never actually designed for permanent installation so the paintwork sort of peeled off… so I bought some spray paint and went wild for a few days. Brandon helped me reinstall her at the clients’ house using our handy dandy bamboo tripod. Baby’s carved oak body weighs a lot!!!

Met up with Mo, Jenny, Emily and June down in LA for the Toronto airport project… we are creating a bamboo “city” for an ad campaign and it needs to be installed before Christmas! Mo is leading the build and Jenny is filming the “making of” video. I really liked the videos she prepared for Valerie and Meet your Makers so I wanted her on board for this one, too.

Was in San Francisco again on the weekend and met up with a Jen and a few other friends for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on Saturday evening in the Mission district. It was a fascinating first experience with this festival… many altars dedicated to loved ones who have passed away but the atmosphere was quite festive though not raucous or blindly commercial the way Halloween tends to be. Much more downtempo and chill… There were even some impromptu flamenco dancers, face painters, some street processions… I am definitely intrigued and would like to learn more about the traditions and symbolism involved.

Another highlight of this week: the Bamboo Speargun lives!!! Thank you to Craig Calfee for letting me have the run of his workshop in Santa Cruz all day Sunday to bust out this brand new toy. First we reviewed the intended design which was based off of previous guns that I’ve used. Then we picked out some material that would work and reviewed the hemp and epoxy used to bind the bamboos together. Over the next 6 hours, I labored to cut and fit all the parts together and marveled at how well organized his shop space is. Love it!

The results are photographed here… I only had one hour to test the speargun in the sea before leaving for Australia, but it worked! Just needed more powerful bands (it can take 2) and the tracking for the spear shaft needed to be improved. I’m excited to give it another run in Oz…