Sketches from Week 35 (Nov 4 - 10, 2013)

Met up with Mo, Jenny, Emily and June down in LA for the Toronto airport project… we are creating a bamboo “city” for an ad campaign and it needs to be installed before Christmas. Mo is leading the build and Jenny is filming the “making of” video. I really liked the videos she prepared for Valerie from Meet your Makers so I wanted her on board for this one, too.

I boarded a direct flight with Qantas Airlines late in the evening on Wednesday, November 7 and arrived in Melbourne, Australia early in the morning on November 9 to a steady rain… A fifteen-hour flight and Australia is already 19 hours ahead of California! A couple of hours after that I was in Tara, Lori and Esau’s historical gasworks loft apartment in North Melbourne. It’s a largely working-class neighborhood with sprinkles of cool studios, hardware and manufacturing companies and lots of cafes. Apparently the locals take their coffee VERY seriously and small independently run coffee shops are the norm. My hosts prefer a place called Twenty & Six … I don’t know if my coffee savoir faire is quite up to speed but they definitely served up the most incredible muffin I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating! There’s a rogue chef who pops up now and then with a unique recipe… cooks, he disappears, we enjoy :)

Tara has a small army of interns and assistants working for her to help create the Strawberry Fields festival… the apartment was a hive of activity the entire time I was there… wristbands to sort, talent to accommodate, pendant and T shirts to distribute, tools and equipment coming and going. Everyone has been extremely accommodating, friendly and eager to work on whatever! Much like every Australian I’ve ever met before :)

Also met with Matt, the general director for Let Them Eat Cake, the New Year’s Eve festival that I’m helping them design and build. It will have a much more sophisticated flavor than Strawberry Fields so this is where the bulk of bamboo boot camp training ought to be directed.

Anyway, we’re waiting for Geronimo’s flight to arrive and then we’ll head to the bush!