Sketches from Week 37 (Nov 18 - 24, 2013)

The Strawberry Fields festival build concluded successfully with a few late nights, groggy mornings and not too much bodily damage (!). Our team of international volunteers learned quickly and turned out some admirable efforts to finish all the various bamboo structures popping up everywhere.

For myself, I particularly enjoyed the way the spiraling towers out in the dance floor worked out. Would love to take this concept to the Playa or somewhere else… the helical spin to the outstretched rays could do so much more and be far stronger. What we built here is more like a sketch of a far bigger idea…

I also enjoyed taking some time at the very end to create a bamboo Strawberry Fields logo. Some clean mitre joints, pinning, and lashing… a bit of artisanry that I don’t often luxuriate in. The team took care of the tall fluted columns for the main entrance and then we suspended the strawberry diamond between those two columns, with the lower point of the strawberry positioned 4.5 meters off the ground. Don’t want those big trucks to bash it to pieces!

A big THANK YOU to Tara, Billy and Elliot for producing this amazing event and taking care of us. Lexi, you arrived just in time to lead the stage canopy hanging  and simply kicked butt. Dandy and Doughy, we all loved and appreciated the huge pots of food you always left out for us! Issa, Lori, Marie, Mia and everyone else who helped create the Tea Lounge experience… it was the best space ever :) Dancing all Sunday night into the dawn with that mindblowing set by the DJ (who was he???) and violinist… unforgettable. And the rest of the crew and volunteers: Mil gracias for making us feel so welcome, appreciated and happy! Ya!