Sketches from Week 40 (Dec 9-15, 2013)

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Central Station, the aboriginal art exhibit at the Melbourne Museum…  my downtown wanderings these last few days were memorable though I especially enjoyed the design sessions at the Melbourne State Library. This is easily the best museum I’ve ever had the pleasure to work from. Soaring architecture, the La Trobe reading room with its softly glowing green lamps and wooden tilt-up reading desktops, free wifi everywhere, art galleries, a chess room (yes, really!), old maps… the list of pluses goes on and on. The museum is located in the heart of downtown yet it seem,s like a place where time is temporarily suspended… the way a great space ought to feel!

Lexi was our hostess for the next round of building… she lives on a small farm in Blampied, about an hour northwest of Melbourne. We discharged the 40’ container of bamboo on a flat field there amidst the cow patties and have been working on the prefabbed pieces for Let Them Eat Cake NYE festival ever since. The main stage design will be about 9 meters tall (33’) x 25 meters wide (just over 80’) and is based on our tried-and-true bamboo scaffolding construction techniques: bamboo poles, bamboo pins, and rope. I’m sure the Australian engineers are going to have fun with that :)

In addition to the main stage, we are also building 4 independent towers that will be used to project light effects; a main entrance for pedestrians; daybeds; a deco façade for the main bar; front of house; and facilitating the rest of the bamboo work. It’s a lot to take on for a total of 22 hours of installation time but I have faith in the crew. I won’t be there myself since I had to return to the U.S..

We took a one day field trip to the Great Ocean Road on Friday the 13th in a borrowed van (thanks Pete!), waking up at 5:30 am and not returning until late in the evening. Our goal? Spearfishing and surfing! Unfortunately, the weather gods were not 100% with us because it was windy and the ocean was churning up a lot of sand and such… underwater visibility was quite poor. However, we did manage to pull out 4 small fish and enjoyed a great little beach bbq using the trusty fish griller which we’ve all come to know and love very much :)I want to redesign this particular cooking implement, however, to make it more portable and a but more rugged.

We had such an amazing birthday party for Lexi on Saturday… what a hilarious group of people… Geronimo shared some fireside games with us, we jammed, climbed the nearby hill for some stargazing and surrounding views and ate a lot of food. We always ate a lot of food in Australia, hah.

Alot of hunters here... Though I've never hunted before (Australia was my first attempt- unsuccessfully, I might add ) Adam shot a wild hare with his .17 rifle and skinned/spitted it over the fire… but then it was promptly forgotten and got a bit overcooked. I’d never eaten wild hare before so Chasqui and I more or less scraped off the blackened bit and ate most of it ourselves. Not bad!