Sketches from Week 38 (Nov 25 - Dec 1, 2013)

Well, I never did get my kangaroo... they are too wily and agile, at least in Tocumal. I even built a bush shelter to camouflage myself but couldn't get the shot I wanted. Elsewhere, they seem pretty docile and you can walk right up to them but not at the Strawberry Fields site. Who knows! Leave them alone, I guess.

Breaking down the site took a bit of time... the weather heated up quite a bit in comparison to the last couple of weeks and the place seemed like a ghost town at times. It's disappointing to see piles of trash left behind by the attendees in their campsites but this seems to be the norm with most camping events. Geronimo and I drove around in a jeep picking up useful items (i.e. "groundscores") like unopened beer, tents, mattresses, tarps, cans of tuna, etc... Oscar, Dale and their Wildlands volunteers did most of the trash pickup for days and days.

We returned to Melbourne late in the evening of the 29th to a scrumptabulous dinner courtesy of Tara, Lori and Issa, our hosts in the city... yum! Then we all showered and went out to the afterparty for some dancing and reconnection with the Strawberry peoplz...

The weekend weather was brilliant, the warmest it's been in Melbourne since we arrived on that cold and rainy Nov 9th (oh so many weeks ago :)) We all went out to the park for a walk, some acro yoga and paper airplanes... then had dinner at Lentils, a "Pay as you Feel" place run by a creative entrepreneur who serves up wonderful food and you just pay what you want. What??? It's true... and it works.

Sunday night was bar hopping night... The Rooftop Bar, Section 8, Cotton Club... then a walk to the riverfront... then I left early that morning to pick up a rental van and begin next week's Surf and Spearfish adventure with friends... ! Ya!