Sketches from Week 5 (April 8 - 14, 2013)

Lucidity ! What an awesome festival... I'm left impressed with the positive energy that the partners and their collaborators have created, both during the build and after. I never felt stressed or irked, except on 1st two attempts to lift the 63' long steel pipe arches by hand and they collapsed like gelatin on both counts. 3rd X the charm! 

Alot of my bamboo inventory was dispersed around the site for various installations... splits, black bamboo, remnants, 20-40' long guaduas, panelling (fencing) ... It's amazing to see so many others open their eyes to the versatility of this incredible medium. 

My UCSB students will soon open their eyes, too, I think... Kim was out of town so I taught the class... explained how the entire creative process develops, from sketches and models to engineering and prototyping. Then a short demo of the various tools and techniques. This week Brandon will come up and we'll start creating some geodesic forms from all the conduit they have lying about, eventually moving on to bamboo-adapted forms... and then in May we'll get started on re-creating the aerial rig from EDC 2011... bigger, better! 

Deer... elusive, taunting buggers. I see them during the early mornings and around dusk on the drive from my house. They look at you just long enough to let you know that "I see you, you see me" ... just when you get into a drawing, they dance off !!! Damnit! 

Flowers are so much easier to draw. Plus they exhibit a completely different sense of time... while a deer is instant movement, watching a flower is like getting stuck behind a pair of really really slow people on the NYC sidewalk... you want to rush past and then you think "Why? Why not just occupy my attention on other things ?". And when that mildly frustrating moment passes, as all do, so do you... 

I was woken up at 6:30 this Friday morning with "Uh, I'm here with your container of bamboo somewhere off El Capitan exit... where are you?" G--, WHAT??? These guys never show up that early ! So I rushed down to the ranch, put Jim the driver on site, and then went to go find the ranch hands I needed to unload 400 pcs of 40' giant black bamboo poles for the EDC project. 

Insanely enough, I briefly considered the prospect of unloading the damn box by myself.... but I'm not 22 yrs old and quite that stupid anymore. Just less stupid :) 

Anyway.... Friday was a long day, needless to say. 

Mo the metalworker/movie builder/tattooed guy has been helping me with the prefab merch wagons which got a whole lot more involved... in a good way. They are going to be amazing, probably my best yet... We now have 2 weeks to bust them out and just got started... YES!!!

And we get to set up Santa Barbara's Earth Day at the same time... DOUBLE YES!!!

I should probably get back to work now,