Sketches from Week 6 (April 15 - 21, 2013)

I swear, sometimes I think I'm simply doing this for the laughs.... or I'm just easily amused :) I returned home on Tuesday utterly exhausted and the first thing I saw when I crashed in my chair was Mr. Legoman the Clown, waving hello... and since I hadn't made any time for drawings that day, here he is now... 

Had a great day with the UCSB class... Brandon, Kim and Ken worked tirelessly to keep everyone moving and in just 3 hours, we have nearly all the struts fabricated and ready to connect together into the 16' tall ellipsoid design that Brandon came up with. This coming Wednesday we'll set up a tall bamboo tripod to lift everything into place. 

The moon is waxing and remember that cactus I drew the last couple of weeks? Well, I returned home late one night and the entire cactus patch that is directly to the left of my truck door (I always park it in the same spot in front of my house :) was flowering! At least 16 flowers blooming, all at once... amazing. There must be a well of Miracle Gro underneath this particular spot because when my parents stayed here last August, the gigantic century plant that dominates this patch bloomed in spectacular fashion, drawing hordes of hummingbirds. 

Earth Day Santa Barbara is this weekend and it was fun to follow people around, watching them set up bamboo info kiosks, bamboo banner stands, bamboo tents, bamboo photo frames, bamboo this and that... and all the rest! Just great energy. Thank you, Sigrid Wright of CEC and David Fortson of LoaTree , for bringing me into the organizational fold 4 years ago! I've enjoyed the journey... The event is a unique, energetic mix of music and arts / trade show / country fair.

Tomorrow: Los Angeles. Why? To buy things and bring them back. Why???  Now you sound like my nephew!!!