Sketches from Week 7 (April 22 - 28, 2013)

I'm usually a bit depressed after festival gigs... is it the mind/body rebalancing after the euphoria and adrenaline? Is it being uncomfortable with the liminal state... in-between things? A nightmare for someone who wants to be busy and enjoys clarity.

This week, however, I was not luxuriating in self doubt... no time for that anyway! Coachella, Earth Day, Lucidity... all blew by in 10 days and now we are working hard on the Merch Wagons, the flower ellipsoid geo-thing with the UCSB class and I also found time to go on a man-date with Fezzo (who scored us a tour on a US Coast Guard vessel) and put all but six of the veggie seedlings that Ashley gave me in the ground. Each one has a gopher cage now... I learned my lesson with the last dozen or so pepper plants from last year that got swallowed up by those !!($W*%&)* ... I can't say it, this is PG.

There's one sketch of Brandon teaching a few students how to rig and raise a bamboo tripod. That's the one he spit ice cubes on while we were trying to enjoy a bowl of phu, so it's appropriate that he looks particularly ghoulish in that page...

Finally put Arty the Intern's table design in my house! It's a 9' long slab of 2" locally harvested redwood sitting on fat Dendrocalamus asper (East Asian giant bamboo) legs, only about 18" high... Arty designed and built the table; Guner acquired and milled the redwood; the table sits next to an abstract bamboo-themed wall hanging that mi amigo Oscar painted in Bolivia ; next to a bamboo screen that I made; all inside a house that Larry built 25 years ago.

I like seeing things and imagining people's imagination instead.