Sketches from Week 1 (March 11th-18th)

This week started and ended with home cooking by friends. Skip, an old friend who specializes in Asian fusion cooking, treated us last Sunday to his homemade chirimoya banana sorbet and pecan cookies while we scouted out his bamboo property for the latest harvest. Our new Skipworth Bamboo Plantation, at Orella Ranch, is actually named after him because all the root stock came from his land.

From Monday through Friday, we were more or less focused on the kit cabanas being readied for Coachella music festival. Honestly, these have been a bit of a pain in the a-- but they are starting to look like my drawings, finally... Thanks to an added push later in the week by Glen, Omari, Colin and RayRay, we are ready to start upholstering them this coming week. Then we'll have a little party to enjoy them before they disappear forever into the desert sun...

Maarten and Silke, my two Belgian interns who joined us for the Envision Festival last month in Costa Rica, have been amazing... not only did they clean out my shed and install a first aid station but they also wove 10 bamboo panels for the cabanas, helped set up all the bamboo structural frameworks and metal bracketry... AND, they also completed a personal project. Maarten created a steel-and-bamboo basket that is currently hanging from the ceiling at my house and will hold, ah, something. Not sure what yet, but it looks cool. Silke designed a bottle rack for my budding wine collection... It only holds 9 bottles, which is where my collection is currently at :)

Thea, my apprentice / minion, is rocking it, of course... when she's not annoyed with me she's incredibly productive, discerning, and excited to do all the random things that Bamboo DNA / me asks for. Kind of like you, Kenichi... except that I've never made her clean a 200' long fence. Yet.

And finally, two hours ago, the Belgians cooked up some BELGIAN fries for us. How lucky can one be???