Sketches from Week 2 (March 18th-24th)

So, this week:

I'm vegan! Well, for the past 2 weeks anyway. I promised a vegan author that I'd at least give it a try while I was illustrating her book since I didn't know much about it or the reasons why.

What I DO know is that most of my drawings this week had something to do with food. Not something I've ever noticed before but since I'm paying alot of attention to exactly what I eat now, it just sort of jumped out at me as I sent all of these illustrations... growing food, eating food, brushing it out of our teeth, educating people about it... so much time is spent preparing and consuming food. I almost never stop snacking while driving, for instance... I keep almonds, dried and fresh fruit in my truck since I take alot of road trips.

Some highlights this week included:

- Going up to the Bay area and seeing my brother and his family for the first time in 3 months. Alex is now 5 years old and getting more mischievous all the time. He made me draw their pet chickens over and over again... :) Ariana just started calling me "Tio G"

- Enrich LA, led by founder Tomas O Grady, is leading the creation of an urban organic garden in one of LA's charter schools, Wilshire Park Elementary. I've been working with the school for a couple years now and it was pretty amazing to see the student, teacher and parent turnout for the big push. A giant round of congratulations to Enrique, the principal, and Gene, the program coordinator, for their vision and commitment towards transforming our public schools into examples of sustainable building and farming!

- The Skipworth Plantation is the bamboo plantation we started here at Bamboo DNA in Nov/Dec 2012. About 150 root clumps of Old Hamii and Golden Bamboo were transplanted from Skip's property in Santa Barbara to Orella Ranch, where BDNA is based from. And guess what? They are already starting to send fresh new shoots up into the sky! Amazing! Thanks to all those hardworking volunteers who helped make it happen and thank you once again to Skip, the incredible asian fusion chef, who kept us entertained and fed while we labored away in his garden. It takes alot to cut away 18" of solid bamboo root when your chainsaw takes a dive... :P

Soon, very soon, I will move all this to a blog and you won't get any more direct emails. Unless you want to. Let me know what you think! This is an e-x-p-e-r-i-m-e-n-t...

Until next week,