Sketches from Week 4 (April 1 - 7, 2013)

This week, like many other weeks, started with some good eats... Shabu Shabu! Right off of Sawtelle blvd in LA you'll find alot of excellent Japanese food... go explore! 

Tuesday was also busy... was in downtown LA to pick up some merchandise display materials and then dropped by Jack Rubin & Sons for some rigging gear (aka expensive toys for climbing)... pretty blown away by their alien-looking swaging press with a jaw pressure of 200 tons. Nice. It even had teeth :}>

Later that afternoon I jumped into some futbol (soccer) with Omari ... mi deporte favorito del mundo. It's a good break from everything during lunch hours

Then... met up with Kim at UC Santa Barbara because I'm co-teaching a Spatial Studies class with her this semester. Looks like we have some great students and hopefully we'll get around to re-creating the bamboo aerial rig that debuted at EDC in 2011 and also experiment with some modular structures that Brandon's been pushing on me :) 

We are currently in the midst of building out the 2 stages for Lucidity Festival.. Tuffy and Satchel dropped by the ranch on Wednesday to carry off more bamboo on a big truck... a much much bigger truck left yesterday, too.

(There's been alot of misty days recently, which caught my imagination this past Thursday as I drove east along the dirt road from my house at dawn) 

And TAX TIME, of course... I stayed up most of that same misty day with yerba mate as my close companion and burned through as much paperwork as I could, delivering it to Tilman on Friday afternoon. On the way out to Coachella with the bedhouses (finally!) which Brett and Satchel helped us load onto Gray (my tacoma) and Fez's 20' trailer. 

The bedhouse build at Coachella went really well, actually. Clint, Rachel and Mo accompanied us out there and we knocked everything out on a long Saturday. I guess the endless prefab time paid off because THEY thought it was all pretty EASY... :P

5 hour drive there, 4.5 hr drive back... 

and finally,

Sunday we loaded up the 40' rig with all the Lucidity materials and I also met with Ian & Becky to figure out the next steps for our merch wagon prototypes. Looks like there will be alot of metalworking here (which I'm super excited about... I used to work in a machine shop) including learning how to skin a trailer, basically... 

Things roll!