Sketches from Week 10 (May 13 - 19, 2013)

"You guys are NUTS." - Chris S.

( Comment from a random passerby while I was perched 28' off the ground atop the bamboo :)

This week's sketches is dedicated to all the students, friends and UCSB staff who made the Extravaganza festival such a creative and enjoyable event! The sun was spectacular and our pyramidal bamboo aerial rig was joined by the Walkabout Woods installation and Fishbon crew... all in all, a great day to cap off a busy week.

After picking up a few last steel supplies in LA on Monday, the build really kicked off on Tuesday when the 40' bamboo poles were moved from the ranch to the University. Members of the class joined Brandon and I throughout the entire week to patch, sand, drill, core, fill, cut and fit the 5" diameter poles to their steel fittings. Thanks to Ken's expert guidance (the sculpture workshop manager), things went pretty smoothly. Sometimes it's nice not having to contend with uneven ground and sneaky rattlesnakes (the ranch, hello?). Just plug the MIG welder into that 220 socket and GO...

Satchel made a surprise visit on Saturday so we set him on top of the shaky 40' tripod for our test lift, which took us just over 2 hours. We discussed it afterwards, agreed on changes, and we were able to shave off 45 minutes of setup time on the morning of the actual event. Satchel wasn't around for that so I ended up on top :)

Autumn, Dannielle and Marina were our beautiful aerial performer gals for the event, joined also by Danilo for some double silk action, and judging from the howls and gasps I think the festival attendees were pretty blown away.... I was! Each of them had their own style and preference for rigs and I hope you can see that from the sketches. We'll have some photos on Facebook soon.

Even Dakota (Autumn's 8 year old son), a hip hop fanatic and nonstop energy buzz, jumped on the rig and pulled off some fancy moves for the ladies. It was pretty awesome to have someone there who couldn't stop laughing ;)

Cheers to everyone who makes this bamboo come to life!!!