Sketches from Week 9 (May 6 - 12, 2013)

Where does one find the ultimate sketchbook??? I tried out a new Canson model this week that features removeable pages so that I can scan my sketches in a perfectly flat (and thus higher quality) format... BUT, those same pages tend to fly out when I'm drawing in windy conditions. I don't have a drawing studio, remember? I just do everything live.

I was pretty wary of those flighty pages while standing on the docks of Lake Skinner, the new site for Lightning in a Bottle this year. Kept looking at the fishies, holding my
sketchbook tight while leaning over the water. Josh drove us out there. He recently sprained his leg and is wearing some massive C3PO brace so he was the natural choice as our designated driver :). Anyway... the new site is amazing! Brandon wanted to stomp on some little kids at the water park, I wanted to fish, and the DoLabbers wanted to throw a party already, yo...

Earlier in the week:

Peter and Guner have been busy milling old olive wood trees that were burnt out during the Tea Fire... they've been sitting in the yard for a long time and now that the beautiful grain has been revealed... ooh la la! The look on their faces is priceless :). They get as excited about wood as I do about gigantic grass...

Deepak came by again with the stakebed truck and picked up the completed merch wagons... I stopped in to Ted Solomon trucking, next to the LAX airport, the following day for some last minute items that had to be adjusted and put back into the wagons (Thanks Wayne! ). Ted seemed pretty happy enough having me there to sketch their warehouse. I'm definitely fascinated with the concept of various pieces packing together into a truck and then popping out again into a giant festival scene... You learn alot just by watching. It's definitely my default mode... according to my parents, one of my early teachers in primary school thought my glacial pace of development was due to me being either a bit slow or shy. They were a bit offended, of course... who believes their kid is slow???

At UCSB, things are moving apace... we'll be fabricating the rig this week and setting up the show this Sunday morning. Cassandra, the event coordinator for Extravaganza, visited the class with Brenna and I'm not sure what they thought, what with Brian wrapping himself in shrink wrap, etc... But they are excited that the students are involved in the build and learning alot of new skills!

EDC is coming up fast and I've started the loadout plan in earnest. I always enjoy describing massive 1400-piece bamboo loads to truckers...

And Symbiosis in September... rolling, curved screening elements...

Mary W. visited the ranch and we had a good meeting under the oaks about "all things contractual". It's a good idea, I think, to discuss administrative doings under large trees and chirping birds.... bit o' balance?

And thanks to Vicke and Mikayla for dropping by and hauling off a bunch of my remnant bamboo for their organic garden in Ojai. Great to see it being put to better use than lounging about in my depot and annoying me with its disuse!

Until next week,