Sketches from Week 12 (May 27 - June 2, 2013)

Vacation's nice, but you definitely pay for it on the return! There's another wave coming and it's called Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas... a dozen Bamboo DNA'ers will be working out there starting next week and the final preparations are now underway to send out two big trucks loaded down with 30 tons of bamboo, steel, wood, and other monkey business for the sprawling environment we're setting up.

The altitude award for this week went to the IAM Control Tower team "representatives" (Ken Rose, Mike Insane, Mitjah and Kate), who pulled some valuable time out of their increasingly hectic schedule to drive down and meet Brandon and I at the Bamboo DNA ranch for an information-gathering session. We're working on a 70'+ tall tower for Burning Man that does pretty much everything short of laundering your clothes :)

Ah, well... ambition. It scorches.  

Later on, I met with Evelina at the Malibu Sustainable Learning Center, an incredible school for K-8th graders nestled inside a canyon amidst the Calabasas hills. She's organizing events at the location and is looking for some great ideas to further develop the already impressive eco-principles being practiced there.

Other events fast approaching: Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering... what to do, what to do...

I'm still watering my vegetable garden, miraculously. I had my first taste of homegrown kale the other day, following Marina's instructions for massaging it with olive oil and salt... Yummy...

And JamJam & Marina: The UCSB students LOVED the "Connect with your Inner Clown" workshop that you gave on Wednesday during class. Thank you!

And a DOUBLE thank you for upgrading my solar energy system... The candles in my house can now be used solely for mood lighting :) Living off grid feels a bit less "off" now.

More power to all,