Sketches from Week 15 (June 17 - 23, 2013)

 Up all night, sleep all day… that is the Electric Daisy way…

When it’s 110+ degrees outside, it’s probably best to wait until the sun sets before you start lugging about hundreds of poles and climbing about. So that’s EDC… EVERYONE works at night. The stadium lights and light towers go on after sunset and the LV Motor Speedway becomes a hubbub of pre-festival work. I’ve never seen so much metal scaffolding  and riggers at at any venue… totally impressive, the amount of production that goes into this mega rave event.

We, on the other hand, were generally regarded as the resident hippies on the site since a) we often went barefoot b) dressed funny c) had the only grass field on site and were actually LASHING things with rope and fabric, instead of impact driving and wrenching everything. Oh, and we had a good number of plants, which you don’t see much of at this festival :)

Grand Bamboo Canyon (as I somewhat jokingly referred to as my EDC structure) had to be built on the field without the benefit of heavy equipment, which would leave bad ruts on the grass. So the entire thing was designed to be erected via human power alone. A great challenge, considering how tall and wide an area it was supposed to cover (130’ x 200’ ) !

Everyone was fantastic and stuck it out night after night without much drop in energy. I think the hot tub and pool definitely helped :) And some people found the closets in the house to be the best places to crash (VERY dark and a bit quieter)

Also wanted to give a shout out to Sheila and Kurt, our two local super volunteers who helped make this all happen! The Bamboo DNA crew was: Brandon, Tara, Billy, Rachael, Erika, Jon, Quinn, Josh, and Dylan. And thanks to Luther Redd for some awesome photos of the finished work!