Sketches from Week 16 (June 24 - 30, 2013)

  After breaking down the EDC site (which went extremely fast, btw, thanks to Sheila’s rallying of several local Burners and local Vegas troops) , I drove up to Reno with Tara and Billy to check in with the International Arts Megacrew (IAM), which is working on an 80’ tall tower called “Aspire”. 64 pieces of my last 40-foot guadua poles were delivered by Larry via his commercial trailer to the Generator warehouse. Spent the first night in Kate’s apartment in downtown Reno (beautiful view) and enjoyed some chai and coffee the following morning at a riverside café just 1 block from her place. Nice! Didn’t even know Reno had a waterfront district!  

Tara and Billy split off later for Lake Tahoe and I stayed on to help Mike Insane, Ken Rose and the other IAM folks get started on splicing together those long guaduas to make 70’ long legs. Insane came up with a great new tool to punch out a square hole inside the cylindrical poles… We didn’t actually draw blood, I just threw that in the drawing for dramatic effect :)

On Friday, I left Reno very early, drove down to Lake Tahoe for a quick jog and icy swim (haha!) and met up again with Tara, Billy and their friend John at the Keys Cafe for some organic smoothies and such…. YUM. Then we left for my home… Santa Barbara! Got in pretty late… the Aussies and I were pretty whipped…

But wait- that wasn’t all! We met Geronimo early the next morning for our weekend kayaking adventure out at the Channel Islands. Thanks man! What a great idea , hooking us up like that! We paddled around for a couple days in sunny weather, caught some fish and grilled them on beach fires, cracked open some sea urchins for their energy-rich delights, and generally had a fabulicious time of it.

Was sorry to see Billy leave for Australia again… he’s Tara’s business partner and was a great asset to the team for the EDC project. Oh well… see you in a few months down under! They call me spearo!!!