Sketches from Week 17 (July 1 - 7, 2013)

  My first attempt at spearfishing went quite badly. It was in Tulum, 7am, choppy and windy… and alone. No idea where the fish were!  Ended up getting quite nauseous and vomiting repeatedly in the water… ugggh. Ever done that? Don’t recommend it! I’m sure the fish got as many laughs as my friends did when they heard about it from me :)

Our kayaking trip last weekend in the Channel Islands was my 2nd attempt and it went waaaaay better. Actually speared a few good ones… so this week, I went every day that I could, right here at Refugio Beach where I live and work. It’s amazing! Even if you don’t catch anything, there is still the wonder of exploring the undersea… magical golden kelp, shafts of light illuminating the starfish and other colorful critters of the deep. Amazing!

This week we also loaded out for the Lightning in a Bottle festival. EVERYONE seems to want to go to this one! The Flemming brothers and their DoLab family have done it right, I think… created an experience that no one in their right mind would want to miss.

I had fun drawing Kevin’s little big setup in camp… his trailer, his EV car, his juicing bar... Always wanted to bring out his whole rig and there he was, lakeside, home away from home... And Kelly Jones, his friendly, gruff teddy bear neighbor :)