Sketches from Week 21 (July 29 - Aug 4, 2013)

Alex, my nephew, DEMANDED that I draw every single room of the house with him… well, I draw, he watches. “How do you know how to do all these things?” he keeps asking me and I tell him that we all have special powers and this just happens to be mine. He’ll discover his when he’s a little older.

Arianna and her mom also got into it… I think if Julie allowed herself a little more time, she’d be happy to draw a lot more. Arianna’s mantra on this visit was “I draw (fill in the blank) !” She wanted me to draw a baby dolphin, then a baby fish, then a baby desert… wait… WHAT? What’s a baby desert??? Hahaha…

Too many laughs… I drove away laughing from that visit to my brother’s house…

Jen Mark straightened me out a bit… I met her at her SF studio and the first thing she picked out was how off-kilter the left side of my body was… just from watching me walk! I think it’s all that damn driving I do… Grey, my Tacoma, only has 15 mths on him but I’ve already racked up 31,000 miles. I tend to rely more on my left arm for a long-distance driving stance and that’s what seems to be causing the imbalance. I’m probably not sitting straight, either.

Scouted out the Symbiosis site with Bosque, Pascal, Kevin, Brandon and few others this week. And it’s true… you can swim in the lake! Apparently it’s an agricultural reservoir, which is why it’s OK there and not at the LIB site, which is a drinking water reservoir. C’est la vie… It’s going to be a breezy site, if not outright windy. Bring your bikes and shadecloth!

Thanks Aaron and Sev for the Framboise surprise when I returned home... love it!