Sketches from Week 22 (Aug 5 - 11, 2013)

Baby Gold came back to the ranch this week for a makeover… she’s my 9’ tall praying mantis Bugaboo whose life began in 2010, when I chainsawed her torso out of a single log I found in Guner’s lumber pile. Lora painted her in 2011 and she’s been in Fold’s front yard, right at the driveway entrance, since then. She wasn’t properly finished for permanent outdoor installation, however, so now she’s going to get just that once my hot pink, purple and gold auto pigments show up... Hot!

Francois, the crazy Belgian Boom hombre from Portugal, showed up this week for a few days with Liana to build some giant black bamboo columns for the Fractal Planet esplanade camp at Burning Man. I made them work faster so we could split off at the end of the afternoon for some spearfishing time. Oh, the visibility! 20+ feet, easy… like being in an aquarium! What luck! I’ve never seen so much life under the water here on the Gaviota coast… waving seagrass, kelp greenlings perfectly camouflaged to match with the kelp leaves, the black and bronze rockfish flitting about…

That evening, we checked out the Perseid meteor showers on the roof of my house… Living off-grid definitely has its advantages, despite the rocky road :)