Sketches from Week 50 (Feb 17 - 23, 2014)

Every year I think to myself, "Self, you can't expect better and better volunteers every year. Someday this bubble will burst and you'll be left working with a bunch of dullards!". 

Thankfully, "self" hasn't been right at all... Both my regular crew and the volunteers that have agreed to work with us have been nothing short of stellar. I know that if we have time to go jump in the ocean and spearfish for a couple hours each day, things are going pretty damn well! Everyone is in great spirits, they are doing excellent work and we are going to come up with the coolest festival showers ever (thanks Mo , Taran, Danielle and crew) and a hugely awesome main stage (thanks Geronimo, Josh, Clay, Marta, June and everyone else who just pulled an all-nighter with me!) 

Sarah went on a botany mission into the beach groves on the festival site to see what plants are growing there and she cordially let me tag along and sketch what we saw. Unfortunately, rain got to my drawings before I could scan them but I think you can see a bit of the interesting greenery populating the Envision site...