Year Two: Sketches from Week 2 (April 6 - 12, 2015)

Alot of things seem to happen in April. 

Cactii and flowers bloom, giant windmills hum in the strong gales blowing through the desert, and festivals awaken from the long winter slumber and begin demanding creative nourishment... So here we go! 

Lucidity, Coachella, Earth Day, Lightning in a Bottle... he organizational infrastructure we worked so hard to implement at the ranch is paying big dividends already in our preparations for these events. Less running around looking for things. More pieces slotting into their correct or natural place. It feels great working here again. I'm even thinking of doing some more deco work to spruce up the place.... Really???

Thursday was a tough day, divided into 3 locations. The Lucid Stage had to be completed; We unloaded a 40' container at the ranch; And I personally had to finish a couple bamboo bedhouses in Palm Springs. So the Bamboo DNA hive mind was spread out over 3 places ! 

Just another day I guess ;)