Year Two: Sketches from Week 3 (April 13 - 19, 2015)

I laughed really hard on two special occasions this week. 

The First: 

My nephew, of course :)  Watching him and his teammates run amok on the baseball field, chasing balls and the opposing players with their oversized helmets and colorful bats was way too much for myself and all the amused adults. Soccer will always be my favorite sport to play but I think I've now discovered my favorite sport to watch: little league baseball! 

The Second: 

I went on a tour of the S&S Seeds "Native Grasses" growing grounds with Ashley and Betsy and learned alot about bamboo's cousins in the plant world. S&S will never grow bamboo, of course, since they are focused on California natives only but it was a fun and highly educational tour nonetheless. And the hay ride... how long had it been since I'd done that???

Speaking of grass: My own little Dendrocalamus asper that Skip gifted to me sprouted its very first stalk last week. It's only about 1.5" thick and leans heavily to the west, where the sun hits it strongest. The other stalk is on its east side. So they are beginning to look like twin stalks, whereby yawns and stretches in the morning glow and the other cruises to a warm afternoon finish...