Third Mexican Bamboo Congress: March 8 -12, 2016

Sketches from "Tercer Congreso Mexicano del Bambu" (3rd Mexican Bamboo Congress) held in Huatusco, Mexico from March 8-12. I was invited to present my work to an international gathering of experts, enthusiasts and people generally excited about sharing their experiences with the world's most dynamic plant species! 

Topics included: Utilization of the incredible bamboo biomass generated in the tropics; cultivating bamboo for food, energy, and building products; How NOT to compete with China ;) New structural concepts in engineering and architecture. 

My own presentation was titled "Art is the Climate Changer" (Arte es el Cambiador Climactico). To change our world, we first need to change the climate in our minds and hearts... and I believe art is one of the most effective vehicles for doing that.

Seeing and walking amongst the incredible murals, stone carvings and architectural wonders of Mexico... words are hardly adequate to describe the chills one feels when the imagination of these great cultures enters your consciousness!

Thank you to the incredible organization and welcome by our Mexican brothers and sisters who are doing what they can to help improve forestry and our standards of living.